A Winter Day at the Beach

Sun shining. Blue skies. Zero degrees. Freezing winds.. are you thinking what I'm thinking? :) Day at The Beach! Let's go to Coney Island.
The subway ride there is scenic.

You are greeted by the most beautiful wall mural.

Coney Island is Beautiful in the Snow


Some people were dancing and having a picnic with balloons under the "Palm Tree"

"Chicks" were promenading on the Boardwalk! And that spooky oooOOOooo sound is the closed amusement park's metal howl when nothing but the wind is blowing through it.

Creatures were entertaining at the Aquarium.

Some seemed to be at a party...

A wonderful time was had by all.

When your day starts seeing this fellow
and ends with seeing this.. umm. fellow,
Still a hmm
and have Coney Island filling in the hours between,
you can say it was a very good day
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EDIT something I made for the Aquarium :)

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