What kind of Bird is this??

What kind of bird is this wee grey and reddish, black eyed poppet? He/she has been visiting the balcony regularly after a reconnaissance hover. Now it boldly jumps around and the Squirrels chikchik at it.. very cute.
EDIT my friend Naomi informed me this a Tufted Titmouse A smarty pants bird too!

"The Tufted Titmouse is a very lively and vivacious bird that is not shy at all to interact with human beings. Scientists claim that these birds are so curious about everything around them that they tend to react to human voices and noise just to find out what these are. They, for instance, travel in twos or threes from their nests to the source of the noise whether this be from humans talking or noise from street workers, drillers, or farmers.
These birds are also known to be so intelligent that they are able to easily enter a trapped nest, get the food inside, then work their way out of the trap with hardly any time lost searching for the exit.
via Birdhouses 101

What kind of Bird is this??, originally uploaded by happylolday.

What kind of Bird is this?
Originally uploaded by happylolday.

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