There was a fire at Seward Park 12/14 early am

No injuries that we were told of right now. Pictures from our viewpoint. Heard at least 2 explosion sounds and many other sounds of rushing and thumps, an object fell to the roof of the walkway and was burning. NYFD got here quickly.
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Some pictures on Twitpic
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Seward Park Co-op Fire from cmerry on Vimeo.

More video (longer since the first upload cut off)
  • Seward Park Fire 2
    The person you hear screaming is a neighbor far below the fire not anyone in the apt affected. They were in a panic in our hall running and screaming out the window. But no injuries and we were not ordered to evacuate. The fire was contained very quickly the NYFD did an amazing job getting here and getting everything under control.

  • Seward Park Fire 3 After it was out smoke everywhere.

  • Seward Park fire 4 Suddenly a shower of papers came flying out many of which landed on our balcony

    To all the NYFD that responded thank you, they did an amazing job cannot say it enough how great a job they did. THANK YOU
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