Our Former Home :)

I lived here a long time..


Shawn said...

Hey! Love your blog, I subscribe to it. Live across the street from here, I wonder if we ever saw each other? Haha.


C Merry said...

When I saw your view (loved the snow one with the delivery guy on EVG) I thought the same thing, we had to of= we lived there about 16 years! The first years when this one guy was the super and the owners kinda cared were okay but it went downhill when they sold and he left. The place was a tub in kitchen wreck, new owners refused to fix anything, harassed people, the next ones too, so 10 years saving up got us out of there! The LES is wonderful, last 10/10/10 was when I started taking pix "for real" the EV got too expensive so here we are thankfully still in NYC still downtown and I am SO HAPPY :) The bus goes door to door from our old and new places so that ROCKS :) Thanks for liking my blog! Nice to meet you after living across the street lol :)