Congratz to our friend and East Village designer Jill Anderson!

Jill has been chosen by Oscar nominated Director, Debra Granik, to create her Oscar gown. This is MUCH deserved recognition and attention for her :)

Photo, NY Daily News
Click HERE for the news story on NY Daily News :)

Winter's Bone is up for more than just Best Director, it is also nominated for:
Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence; Best Actress, John Hawkes; Best Supporting Actor, and Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini; for Best Adapted Screenplay.


Jill told me I was one of her first customers when she first opened and over the years I have owned many lovely things she created. Her designs were made for all women not just Models (nothing wrong with looking like a Model it's just that not everybody does and we like fashion too :) ) She once told us that our rescue dog Pippin showed her how much she loved dogs and then she went and adopted her own rescue pup :)
Pippin at the parade

She named a Fashion after Pippin too!
Pippin Cardigan 2
Pippin Cardigan

Break a leg and needle to both Jill and Debra!

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