Back on 10/10/10

One Day On Earth contacted me yesterday asking for all of my footage from 10/10/10, this might mean some of what I shot will be in the final film :) Their global video map is up and looks like I was the only one showing off our corner of the LES.
One Day On Earth Global Map
I thought I saw a bunch of people out around our area, you can still upload all of your photos from that day on the website here it's not too late. The Map is wonderful you can click all over the planet and see people's pictures and videos. It was a great day and a big day for me because I really found an interest in cityscape photography that day- it all started with this photo.
From One Day On Earth

It will be fun to see their final piece. This was the short film I made that day.

My whole set of clips and videos here.

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