What I Got in My Easter Basket

The treat in my basket was the one eating the treats... :)

Oh hello am I disturbing you?

Are you my Easter Basket Treat?

Aren't I the one who should be eating the treats?

Edit, Rest In Peace little friend. Helmut passed away today 5/31/11 of injuries on his neck and ears, do not know what caused it, seemed like an animal bite that he escaped from, but he climbed all the way back up here to pass away here on the balcony he called home. The condition he was in while here made clear his herculean effort he must have given to crawl back up the tree and make the jump to the balcony, he could barely stand when I saw him. He passed away in his sleep right near the opening of our door. I feel honored he came back here you know it would have been easier to just lay down somewhere. Thank you for being my little wild furry friend.

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